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A-Team Master Build Accelerator Switches Acrobat Apparate Access Arcade Station Atlantis Pools Big Transform BMO Docking Stations Boomerang Cargo Hook Character Changing Charge Transfer Chi Cursed Red LEGO Objects Detective Mode Diffindo Digging Dimensions Portal Dive Drilling Drone Mazes Electricity Energy Shield Fantastical Briefcase Fix-It Flight Dock Flying Freeze Breath Fuse Box Ghost Puzzles Ghost Trap Glide Grapple Gremlin Transformation Grind Rails Growth Growth (Plants) Guardian Gyrosphere Switches Hacking Hazard Cleaner Hazard Protection Heart Regen High Security Access Hover Ice Illumination Intelligence Invulnerability Jump Laser Laser Deflector LEGO Constructs Lock Picking Magic Magic Portal Magic Shield Magical Shield Magno Gloves Master Build Master Builder Mind Control Mini Access P.K.E. Meter Parseltongue Doors Phone Home Pole Vault Portal Gun Rainbow LEGO Objects Red Lantern Transformation Relic Detection Rope Swings Sail Scan Disguise Shape Shift Silver LEGO Blowup Skeleton Organ Ports Slurp Access Sonar Smash Special Attack Speed * Spinjitzu Stealth Suit Rip Super Jump Super Strength Super Strength Handles Super Transformation Suspend Ghost Sword Switch Target Technology Time Travel Switch Tow Bar Tracking Trap Ghosts Uniform Changing Vent Access Vine Cut Water Spray Weapon Switch Weight Switch X-Ray Vision
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