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100% Completion Requirements

You'll need the Starter Pack, ALL the level packs, and at least one from each of the other sections in order to be able to do absolutely everything that's in the game!

Starter & All Level Packs
LoadingLEGO Dimensions Starter Pack
LoadingAdventure Time Level Pack
LoadingBack to the Future Level Pack
LoadingDr Who Level Pack
LoadingGhostbusters Level Pack
LoadingGoonies Level Pack
LoadingMidway Retro Gamer Level Pack
LoadingMission Impossible Level Pack
LoadingPortal Level Pack
LoadingSimpsons Level Pack
LoadingSonic The Hedgehog Level Pack

Jurassic Park Franchise
LoadingJurassic World Team Pack

Scooby Doo Franchise
LoadingScooby Doo Team Pack

Chima Franchise
LoadingChima Cragger Fun Pack
LoadingChima Eris Fun Pack
LoadingChima Laval Fun Pack

Ninjago Franchise
LoadingNinjago Jay Fun Pack
LoadingNinjago Lloyd Fun Pack
LoadingNinjago Nya Fun Pack
LoadingNinjago Sensei Wu Fun Pack
LoadingNinjago Team Pack
LoadingNinjago Zane Fun Pack

Atlantis Pools

Silver brick destruction

Cracked Wall Ability
LoadingChase McCain
LoadingDrill Driver
LoadingJake The Dog

LoadingChase McCain
LoadingJake The Dog
LoadingMarceline The Vampire Queen
LoadingMichael Knight
LoadingScooby Doo

Gyrosphere Switches

Rainbow Bricks

Drill Sections
LoadingChase McCain
LoadingDrill Driver
LoadingJake The Dog
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