R.C. Racer


Being tired of being helpless and being mistreated by Gremlins beforehand, Gizmo decides to slip off from Kate Beringer’s watch at the control room of the department store they’re in to stop the surviving Gremlin leader Stripe to aid his owner Billy Peltzer in getting rid of him. He heads for the toys section and builds a toy car (supposedly a Barbie car) to reach Billy’s location, which is in the sports section wherein he was being attacked and cornered by Stripe.

Luckily, Kate manages to turn the lights on, blinding Stripe and having him separated from the circular chainsaw he was using to kill Billy; however, she also unknowingly turned on a fountain in the greenhouse that when Stripe arrived there, he decides to go there to form a new army of Gremlins while shooting at Billy from trying to stop him. However, Gizmo arrives just as Stripe was breeding new Gremlins, crash-lands the car and pulls up window blinds revealing a hidden window filled with sunlight, killing off Stripe for good.

Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack
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